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Results Summary

Posted by Troup County Sharks at Oct 27, 2013 7:10PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Trick or Treat Invitational
• A record number of 55 TCS Swimmers swam in the Trick or Treat Meet (21 brand new)
• A record number of 301 total swimmers from 10 teams swam in the meet
• Two of the coaches swam in the meet, both taking first place in individual events
o Chip Aplin – 100 Breast
o Kyle Newhouse – 200 Free
• For the TCS team, out of the events that had previous times, 66% were personal best times.
• 96% of swimmers scored points in the meet, contributing to the overall team score for TCS
• Top 8 overall finishes:
o 6 & Under Girls – Emilie Jang (4th)
o 6 & Under Boys – Kai Crisp (3rd), Aaron Kemper (5th)
o 7/8 Girls – Ahlyn Lee (4th)
o 7/8 Boys – Matthew Bass (5th)
o 9/10 Girls – Erica Lee (4th)
o 9/10 Boys – Jaxon Vael (1st), Patrick Basie (4th), Sullivan Clem (8th)
o 11/12 Girls – Kate Moore (5th)
o 13/14 Girls – Allie Paschal (1st), Sydney Mauldin (3rd)
o 13/14 Boys – Wyatt Wood (3rd), Jin Jeong (7th)
o 15 & Over Girls – Christine Yin (1st), Morgan Skinner (4th)
o 15 & Over Boys – Josh Gynther (2nd), Andrew Ingram (4th)
• Several first place finishes for individual events:
o Jaxon Vael – 9/10 Boys 50 Back, 50 Free, 100 IM
o Kai Crisp – 6 & Under Boys 25 Back
o Ahlyn Lee – 7/8 Girls 25 Free
o Patrick Basie – 9/10 Boys 50 Breast
o Christine Yin – Open 100 Free, 100 Breast, 200 IM, 200 Free
o Allie Paschal – 13/14 Girls 100 Free, 100 Back, 50 Free, 100 Breast
o Wyatt Wood – 13/14 Boys 100 Free, 100 Fly, 50 Free
o Josh Gynther – Open 100 Fly, 200 IM
o Sydney Mauldin – 13/14 Girls 100 Fly
o Jin Jeong – 13/14 Boys 100 Breast
o 9/10 Boys 100 Free Relay – Patrick Basie, Sullivan Clem, Jaxon Vael, and Kevin Song
o Open Boys 200 Free Relay – Andrew Ingram, Josh Gynther, Jin Jeong, Wyatt Wood
o 13/14 Girls 200 Free Relay – Sydney Mauldin, Camille Preston, Allie Paschal, Evelyn Johnson

Anniston Meet
• First meet of the season with 15 swimmers in attendance (7 brand new swimmers)
• For the 22 events that had previous times, 20 (91%) were personal best times.
• Several first place finishes for individual events:
o Bailey Allen – 1st in 15 & Over 50 free, 50 fly, and 100 free
o Josh Gynther – 1st in 15 & Over 50 breast and 50 fly
o Andrew Ingram – 1st in 15 & Over 50 back
o Nikki Kamalanathan – 1st in 6 & Under 25 back
o Camille Preston – 1st in 13/14 50 breast
o Wyatt Wood – 1st in 13/14 50 fly
o 15 & Over 200 yard Mixed Medley and 200 yard Free Relay took 1st place and was made up of Bailey Allen, Andrew Ingram, Josh Gynther, and Wyatt Wood

Columbus Meet
• 8 of the older Tiger Shark swimmers took Coach Chip up on his challenge to swim the 20-lap 500 free
• 4 of the swimmers never swam the 500 free before
• Of the 4 that swam the 500 free in the past, 100% had best times and dropped anywhere from 9 to 39 seconds

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Team Records/last 2 meets

Posted by Troup County Sharks at Oct 14, 2013 6:40PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Anniston Meet-Sullivan Clem(9-10 boys) 25 Breast

SCAT meet

Allie Paschal-(14) 50 Breast, 50 Free

Jaxon Vael-(9-10 boys) 50 Back, 100 IM, 100 Back

Patrick Basie-(9-10 boys)100 Breast

Dixon Fuller-( 7 boys) 100 Breast

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Trick or Treat Meet

Posted by Michelle Rochedieu at Oct 10, 2013 1:55PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

At each home swim meet, the TCS parents provide food and drink in the designated hospitality area for all coaches and officials. Attached click on the sign up genius link for the list of food items needed for the hospitality area. Please review and sign up for the item/items of your choice.

Additionally, I do not have anyone signed up for the Hospitality Coordinator. This person would organize the hospitality needs and keeps track what parent volunteered to bring. (We have made the tracking piece of this assignment easier by using sign up genius) This person would also coordinate the decorations in the hospitality area. In the past we have had the swimmers to bring carved pumpkins, decorated with ghosts, spiders and everything Halloween. We have even had elementary teachers allow us to borrow their class projects by putting them on display as a part of our decoration theme. Please contact me if you would be interested in this position or have decoration theme ideas. The Coach and Officials really enjoy our food choices and decoration creativity. Let’s do everything possible to continue this trend!

We also still need hospitality assistants. These volunteers sign up for shifts “watching” the hospitality area to make sure it stays stocked, neat, clean and orderly. Even though this volunteer position is not on pool deck, each to the volunteers can take turns to leave the hospitality area to watch their child’s event. Don’t worry…you will get a chance to see your child swim if you sign up for hospitality. This is a great place for newer swim parents to volunteer. Thanks is advance for your assistance and as always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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Carrollton Bluefin meet

Posted by Troup County Sharks at Oct 4, 2013 10:50AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Sign up for the three-day Carrollton Bluefin meet (held at the Lakeshore Natatorium, 116 Lumpkin Drive, Carrollton, GA 30117) is now available. The deadline for sign up is Thursday, October 17 and the meet is November 1 – 3. Swimmers can sign up for up to four events per day and each event is $4.25. You do not have to attend all three days in order to participate in the meet. Feel free to print the attached sign-up sheet OR get one from the folder in the pool area. Put the form, along with payment, in Carol Yin’s folder by October 17.


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Newsletter from Coach Chip

Posted by Troup County Sharks at Sep 26, 2013 7:01PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Wow! What a great week of swimming we have had. I just wanted to take some time to let the parents in on some of the things we’ve been working on.

This week we continued to develop a strong, powerful kick. A powerful kick is essential to keeping a good, flat body position in the water. We introduced breaststroke to the group. This seemed to be a new favorite for some, and a new challenge for others. A simple reminder for the breaststroke kick, Kick like a frog. We just need to remember to first bring the knees up to the chest, then turn the knees IN and the feet outward, and finally kick the legs AROUND, trying to catch the water with the inside of the legs. Just think: UP…OUT…AROUND. We also continued learning the butterfly stroke and kick. In this kick the swimmers must remember that the legs have to simultaneously kick up and down. Some try to kick from their knees, however the kick needs to start from the chest. The first step is that we need to press down with the chest and then let the kick roll through the hips and down to the feet, like a dolphin’s kick or a mermaid. I am seeing great things developing in the swimmers. Everyone has progressed leaps and bounds since the first time I saw them swim. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store. Finally, if anyone is interested in private lessons, feel free to contact me through my email .

What a great week for this training group! We (the coaches) decided that it was time to see where our endurance level was. Day in and day out we tested the swimmers, and what we found out is that these kids are some hard workers. Whether we were doing 10×50s Butterfly with other moments rest, or 12×75s from the blocks sprinting, I knew at the end of practice that they were going to be tired, but more importantly that they were going to be proud of themselves. Something that I would like to see the swimmers do is starting setting goals for themselves. We all know that we work much harder with a goal in mind. When I was growing up through swimmers I once heard my coach tell me that a failure to plan is a plan to fail. I encourage them to set goals that they will be proud of once accomplished. I also hope that the swimmers will come to me when their goals so that I can keep them constantly reminded of the goal and the hard work and determination needed to achieve their goals. Finally, if anyone is interested in private lessons, feel free to contact me through my email .

14 miles. If your child was at every practice last week, then they swam a total of 14 miles. Not to mention all of the dry land training. Running in the hot sun, push-ups, ab work, WHEW! However, with all of this hard training, we need to make sure there is also some nutrition. When coming to practice it is crucial that the body have something nutritious to break down for energy when we find ourselves working through a difficult set.
This month is going to be demanding on the body, and we need to make sure that we keep our eyes on the prizes, meaning getting personal best times. Finally, we need to make sure we are stretching. Whenever, the swimmers are laying around the house, it Is a good idea to get up and stretch. Something as simple as stretching during commercials on TV, or reading while doing some stretches. This will make for overall better swimming, not to mention the benefits of being more flexible. Finally, if anyone is interested in private lessons, feel free to contact me through my email .

I am so proud of all the groups and I know that all the hard work is going to pay off, all we need to do is stay focused, but most importantly also find a way to always enjoy the sport of swimming. See ya’ll around the pool and if you have any questions feel free to contact me either through my email or even coming up to me between practices or after practice. Keep up the GREAT work!

Coach Chip